Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anyone know the origins of this oil tank?

I've been looking for one of these center-mount oil tanks for a while, and finally found one. It's at least 20 years older than any of the chopper tanks. It's undoubtedly the same kind of tank as Rich Richards was running on his record breaking Thunderbird in 1954. It fits the profile of a rigid Triumph perfectly, and the plumbing, cap, and mounts are right where they should be. The real question is, was this a one-off tank that came off Rich Richards bike, or were these manufactured and sold by an early shop- JOMO? Any info is highly appreciated.


  1. The pieces come together. Mid 1950's competition type gas tank with factory modified petcock arrangement for the '57 splayed port head and a period center mount oil tank to clear splayed intakes. Things that compliment each other and go perfect together!

  2. man, you wouldn't happen to have a line on another 18" slick would you?