Sunday, January 31, 2010

A hobby or a sickness?

Here's the tip of the iceberg- some of the parts that aren't on bikes yet. No, they aren't for sale, but we may be able to work out a trade if you have any of the parts listed below-

•20" Borrani shouldered rim
•4.00x18" 5.00x16" or 21" Firestone Grasshopper tires
•1957-1959 3 gallon Triumph tank side trim (I have 4 gallon tank trim to trade)
•1940's 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 gallon Triumph tank w/hinged cap (T90, 3T?)
•Lucas Racing magneto or BTH TT magneto for Triumph
•Pre-unit 500 Delta head with dual screw-in intakes
•RC109, RC1307, or ATRC Smiths tachometers
•GP/Race Kit tach. drive (mounts in place of generator)
•Stock Triumph rigid rear frame with rearset footpeg mounts
•Folding pre-unit footpegs
•BTH KC2-S4 Magneto brush holder/pickups and rubber boots

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