Sunday, January 31, 2010

A hobby or a sickness?

Here's the tip of the iceberg- some of the parts that aren't on bikes yet. No, they aren't for sale, but we may be able to work out a trade if you have any of the parts listed below-

•20" Borrani shouldered rim
•4.00x18" 5.00x16" or 21" Firestone Grasshopper tires
•1957-1959 3 gallon Triumph tank side trim (I have 4 gallon tank trim to trade)
•1940's 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 gallon Triumph tank w/hinged cap (T90, 3T?)
•Lucas Racing magneto or BTH TT magneto for Triumph
•Pre-unit 500 Delta head with dual screw-in intakes
•RC109, RC1307, or ATRC Smiths tachometers
•GP/Race Kit tach. drive (mounts in place of generator)
•Stock Triumph rigid rear frame with rearset footpeg mounts
•Folding pre-unit footpegs
•BTH KC2-S4 Magneto brush holder/pickups and rubber boots

Parts you'll probably never see again-

I'm taking it easy in the garage for a while due to a nasty bike accident (punctured/collapsed lung, lacerated liver, 4 broken ribs, etc.) so instead of bike pics, I'll post some parts.

Here's an Avon High Speed tire, made in the 50's for land speed racing at Bonneville, etc. They could be run on a front or rear wheel. It's a 3.50x20, so the outer diameter is the same as a 3.00x21. It was refered to as the "200 MPH tire" but with the cracks in the sidewall, I don't have the desire to take it over 50 mph. There were some very important world records set on these tires, so it would be really interesting to find out more about it. Thanks to Paul at Show and Go for the info here.

This is a dual carb manifold for a 650 Triumph. It's similar to the one sold by Unity Equipe but without the fins, and it's a little smaller. Much better looking than the Webco 2 piece adapter, and it has a crossover/balance tube. I've never seen another, so any info is appreciated.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Webco spool hub and AJ Lewis intake...FINALLY!

Here's a few parts that Ive been hunting for for a long time. Finally found them for cheap on the Jockey Journal. First, is a Webco racing spool hub from the mid 50's. The ad is from 1956- waaaay before the Choppers were around, so this thing was made for one thing- flat out racing. I've talked to a few other Triumph guys that specialize in rare aftermarket stuff, and nobody has seen one of these before. Still has the old-style sealed USA made bearings. Both ads are courtesy of Paul at Show and Go.

Here's the A.J. Lewis dual carb adapter manifold for 650 Triumphs. AJ Lewis was a legendary tuner. Check out this link to learn more about him. I had never even seen one of these adapters in person- only heard of them, and seen them in the old ads, but this one kind of found me. Anyone know anything else about this part?