Friday, January 15, 2010

Webco spool hub and AJ Lewis intake...FINALLY!

Here's a few parts that Ive been hunting for for a long time. Finally found them for cheap on the Jockey Journal. First, is a Webco racing spool hub from the mid 50's. The ad is from 1956- waaaay before the Choppers were around, so this thing was made for one thing- flat out racing. I've talked to a few other Triumph guys that specialize in rare aftermarket stuff, and nobody has seen one of these before. Still has the old-style sealed USA made bearings. Both ads are courtesy of Paul at Show and Go.

Here's the A.J. Lewis dual carb adapter manifold for 650 Triumphs. AJ Lewis was a legendary tuner. Check out this link to learn more about him. I had never even seen one of these adapters in person- only heard of them, and seen them in the old ads, but this one kind of found me. Anyone know anything else about this part?

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