Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finally found one...

Actually, this Award Cycle finned timing cover kinda found me. I got a call from a buddy that was looking for some parts for his pre-unit drag bike, and he mentioned he had an old finned timing cover as trade fodder. He found it at the bottom of a box of misc Triumph parts that he traded a 12 pack of beer for. Not a bad trade if you ask me. Obviously, it cost me more than a 12er, but in the end, my friend got the parts he needed for his drag bike, and I got the one aftermarket Triumph part that has eluded me for years. It's in great shape, with just one chipped fin at the top- easy fix. Apparently, these things are known for having issues with the crank bushing, but this one fits as perfectly as it's stock counterpart. Can't wait to get this thing all polished up and on my Tiger. UPDATE: I dropped the cover off with Tony at Classic Cycles Inc, and he had the fin repaired and polished it up. Not too shabby.