Friday, September 10, 2010

Webco Monobloc Accessories

Other than the float bowl extension, you don't see too many Webco performance parts for the Amal Monoblocs. These carbs deserve more credit than they're given. That being said, I had an opportunity to buy up a bunch of Webco carb stuff, and here's the result. It's a new 389 with a hi-flow needle and seat, float bowl drain, and an adjustable main jet- all early Webco competition components. Not sure what era the drain and adjustable jet are, but the jet came with water slide decal, not stickers, and the script on the package is the style that Webco used in the 50's. Also the Webco phone number on the package is only 5 digits. Late 50's-early 60's? If anyone has info or ads on these, please let me know.


  1. Nice man, very nice indeed. Always amazes me how much bigger the accessory industry was and is Stateside

  2. Hi Pete, Interesting and rare stuff any chance we could hook up blogs.Im at Cheers Jim

  3. wow, i like those carbs a lot, not often to see shit i had no idea existed. rad