Monday, June 14, 2010

1955 Triumph Tiger 110 Bobber

If this isn't a Triumph bobber, I don't know what is. A friend turned me onto it, and I drove 9 hours to Nor Cal to pick it up. It's a running 1955 Tiger 110 with matching numbers and the original iron head that was bobbed for racing in the 50's. It's got a Joe Hunt mag, Webco dual carb adapters, scalloped 8" brake, 19" wheels front and back, and an cheesy old flamed Trophy tank. The black plate has a 1969 reg sticker on it, so I suppose that's the last time it was used. The guy said it used to be a race bike with green paint and shamrocks, and I believe him since it's got green paint under the black, and a factory block off plate where the generator should go- no wiring to the lights. Supposedly, it sat in a barn until recently, and the guy needed money so had to let it go. I prefer to bring bikes back from the dead, so I normally don't buy runners, but for the price, I couldn't pass this one up. It should clean up nicely.

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